NOTICE: This project is on hiatus and may not update for a while.
void is a 3D First Person Endless Dungeon Crawler. I have been developing the project for a few years now on and off. (

# About
Void features randomly generated levels with puzzles intermixed. You can crawl the dungeons to fight off the enemies and solve the puzzles for higher score. Much of the game is centered around the idea of having something simple to sink into. This is reinforced by a relatively simple item system and fun but minimal combat system. Each of the combat styles (Melee, Ranged, Magic) include their own strengths and weaknesses even outside of combat. Many of the puzzles have multiple ways of solving them, often involving your item choices and/or combat styles. This goes for bosses as well, some are significantly more weak to one specific combat stance, however there will never be a boss that is completely unbeatable.

# Design
Void is designed to be fun but not over dramatic. The game will be very polished, but not with excessive sound effects / graphics / wording. The point of the game is to be easy to pick up and easy to have fun with. This means that much of the game will have no voice dialog. All text will be easily translatable, and audibly played with generic sounds.

# Goals
The goal of the game is to create a fun experience for all. By all I mean the accessibility of the game isn't limited to few. The idea is to create an efficient enough game with features to allow all sort of players to enjoy the game for what it is.

# Accessibility
One of the core pillars to this project is accessibility. Many players often have a less interactive or immersive experience due to a real world disability or preference. This is attempting to be mitigated by adding a full keybinding system, which supports a wide array of input devices. As well as easy to navigate UI, easy to read text, a set of video settings (colorblind modes, resolution, and graphics modes), and straightforward audio settings (audio layer volume adjustment, mono/stereo toggle). This is all combined with the low hardware specification goals. The goal is for the game to run on as low of hardware as possible. My long term minimum specification goal is the Raspberry Pi 3 (special GL ES version). The platform targets are Linux/Windows/OSX. Mobile is a possibility nearing full implementation of GL ES Port, however touch screens aren't very fitting for the gameplay.

# Status
Currently I am working on the singleplayer aspects of the game, however I have plans on deploying a partial multiplayer system shortly after release of singleplayer.

# Technical
I'm writing all of the game and game engine in C11 using GCC on Void Linux.
I'm using a variety of libraries:
- STB Image / Vorbis / TrueType
- OpenAL Soft
- Zlib

# Contact
If you're interested in contacting me, you can reach me easily on Twitter or Discord. Both of the links are in the side bar.

# Contributing
All moderate and substantial contributors easily tracked/logged will have a spot in the end credits under the Contributors category including their contributions.
If you're interested in contributing to the project there are a few ways!
- Help Translate Dialog to another language! (Not yet available)
- Become a Patron (link in the side bar)

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